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Directions, Parking   ASSASSINATION THEATER is performed in the second floor theater of the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Seats are General Admission. The museum is located at 360 N. State Street on the corner of W. Kinzie Street. Valet parking at the door is available for $10 (show the Valet your program). CTA bus routes 29, 36, and 62 stop at the curb. The CTA State & Lake Station (Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple) is three blocks south; the Grand Station (Red) three blocks north.


If your group is interested in purchasing a block of tickets to any of our performances, please contact Group Outreach Coordinator Tina Gluschenko by calling 773.425.3002 or via email: tgluschenko AT


Introduction   Even after fifty years, most Americans still wonder who shot JFK and why. With ASSASSINATION THEATER, investigative reporter and author Hillel Levin offers the most plausible and complete answers to those questions heard to date. He provides incontrovertible proof that more than one man shot the President, and identifies the organized crime figures behind the plot.

Why Theater An actor portraying Levin makes the case along with an actor portraying Zechariah Shelton, the FBI agent who pulled him into the story. Two other actors portray both famous and lesser-known individuals involved with the assassination.  A panoply of projections takes the audience back in time and, whether they go in familiar with the details or not, they will emerge with a dramatically different view of an event that has been seared into the nation’s consciousness.

Why Chicago No mob group was more instrumental in the plot to kill JFK than Chicago’s Outfit. Not only did they supply the shooters, including the self-confessed gunman who fired the fatal shot (and still survives in an Illinois prison), they also controlled Jack Ruby, who proved indispensable in the cover-up. As Levin shows, he later made a bizarre but ill-fated attempt to tell the truth. Even long-time Chicagoans are unfamiliar with the influence of the Outfit on the 20th Centurynot just in the development of Las Vegas but also in changing the course of American history.



The world premiere of ASSASSINATION THEATER took place as a staged reading on August 9, 2014, at the Arts Center of Oak Park in Oak Park, IL.