• 3.5 STARS. "Gripping political theater... 'Assassination Theater' argues, convincingly, that the Chicago mob killed JFK." - by Chris JonesChicago Tribune
  • "Each actor put on a stunning performance...The insight into our nation’s past that one will gain after seeing Assassination Theater is truly priceless," - by Rebecca CurlChicago Stage Standard
  • "Assassination Theater is a brilliantly packaged, fiercely forensic and seamlessly debated indictment of the Chicago mob as brazen history-changers who got away with the biggest murder of the 20th century," - by Lawrence BommerChicago Theater Beat.
  • "If you don't walk in paranoid, you walk out paranoid... RECOMMENDED!" - Hedy WeissChicago Sun-Times, WTTW's Chicago Tonight
  • "Levin lays everything out in a clear, methodical, and therefore all the more damning way," by Zac ThompsonChicago Reader.
  • "Audience members felt like they were detectives who were being brought up to speed on a long term investigation... I would highly recommend this production to anyone with a love of American history or conspiracy theories," - by Ray JohnsonChicagoNow
  • "This is a powerful piece of entertainment! Yes, it is thought provoking, but it is entertainment and it will certainly open your eyes and give you something to talk about," - by Alan BresloffAround the Town Chicago
  • "History buffs, Kennedy conspiracy nuts and those who enjoy well presented docudrama will like this compelling theatrical event," - by Tom Williams, Chicago Critic
  • "I wish I could have hit the pause button a few times during the show. To allow every bit of information to sink in. Because it’s that juicy. It’s that important," by Tim Moran, Patch Network.